midwest lady looking for hoors to fly and room with..

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midwest lady looking for hoors to fly and room with..

Post  libbybelle523 on Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:46 am

Hello ladies!, i'm libbybelle523/libby, i posted here before but then realized the fact that i like fanfic, tequila, and s*x toys didn't actually give you any information on what i was looking for. so although norcaltwitard told me that those were endearing qualities, what i'm really looking for is some ladies to room and fly with.

I live in west salem wi, so i have a few options as to where i can fly out of. i don't like to fly but i have xanax and i think that and the knowledge of hanging out with other twiladies can get me to forks...on a plane.....

i'm a 30 year old SAHM to a 8 and 3 year old! i've been happily married to my hubs for 9 years and he is really glad i want to do this! *smiles* i love my hubs!

So if you need a roomate and a flying partner i'd be happy to be it! i'm flexible on flying dates and hotel and rental car arrangements.

email me at libbybelle523@gmail.com, follow me on twitter @libbybelle523, or just respond if your interested.


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Re: midwest lady looking for hoors to fly and room with..

Post  Double_Dippin on Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:11 pm

Hey Libbybelle523 Very Happy Glad to meet you.. It's still early so keep checking back.. I can't wait to see you in forks..

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