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Hello my name is... Empty Hello my name is...

Post  maliciousmandysmind on Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:19 pm

I am Mandy. Previously Malicious Mandy, now @mandysmind (but still as malicious as ever ha)

I went last year for only one night because I was speaking at the Twilight Convention in Portland the same weekend. Also got to do the set tour in POrtlan with Catherine Hardwicke which was pretty fucking cool! Still, I wished I'd spent more time in Forks with everyone... this year, I will!

I have a blog www.mandysmind.com

I live in Vancouver BC so I was privvy to set-stalking fun during the movies.

I am a mom and a wife

I am loud, I am perverted, I am fun.... at least that's what people say....

Look forward to seeing/meeting y'all this Fall!


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