TST twitard seeks twitard for a good time...

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TST twitard seeks twitard for a good time...

Post  twipolar_wife on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:38 pm

~ive screwed myself by waiting so long~

*but im arriving seattle wednesday afternoon and would like to find a roommate or two for the wednesday night stay at the mayflower.

*will rent a car or will rideshare

*looking for Forks roomies at the Forks motel

*tour buddies

*back to seattle for depart early sunday morning

*I am 44 with brown hair

*I'm a pisces

*I have green eyes and bunions

*I'm interested in pink pansies, yellow lights, purple haze and rainbows

*I enjoy bellydancing, cleaning catboxes and looking for leprechauns

*I'm looking for a pal. a buddy. an accomplice to share time with in Seattle and Forks. They must like long drives and sharing a bathroom

would love to hear back asap...


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Post  TwitardedMom on Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:23 pm

I'm depositing my Birthday Funds next Monday. If any rooms are left at Forks Motel, I will get one for us.

I'm 48, fluffy & fun.

Arriving in Seattle wednesday evening & still looking for/thinking about reserving a room.

Traveling with Musing Bella to Forks on Thursday & back on Friday.


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